Ledabel serves its valuable customers with information boards, led screens, led posters and scrolling texts, which are used in almost every sector in Belgium and provide more effective advertising.

Our company, which is constantly growing in its sector, is an organization that aims to offer you quality products and services at low cost, quickly, continuously and consistently.

In addition, our company aims to make the variety and quality of your products more visible, to create an active advertising concept that can be constantly updated and renewed and to make your brand and workplace more attractive.

We always serve our valued customers with the best by taking advantage of all the possibilities of a rapidly changing and developing technology.
Our R&D studies will save you from the complexity of electronics with special software developed just for your needs which will always continue to be your supporter in your special projects.

It will always be our aim to offer different and affordable products.

Welcome to our site where you can find information about our products that will help you.